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Our goal is to provide you with some useful inforation as well as  to allow you to get to know us better.

By sylvanpoint93551892, Mar 14 2017 03:47PM

A bone spur, otherwise known as an osteophyte, usually occurs in joints or along areas of injury or inflammation. Bone spurs can occur from repetitive use in the shoulders and back due to work-related activities, injuries, and even high-impact sports can put undue stress on the joints. You may have even been told that bone spurs are a normal part of aging. I have seen hundreds of x-rays covering a wide age range and I can tell you that bone spurs are not conducive to age. A bone spur is the body’s response to help stabilize a joint or, as we are going to talk about here, to deal with excess calcium due to a calcium/magnesium deficiency. Yes, you read that right.

Bone spurs are the result of excess calcium that is unable to be absorbed into the bone because the body lacks the nutrients for this to occur. Some people, because they have kidney stones or bone spurs, mistakenly think they have too much calcium. They do, but only because it is being leached from their bones to deal with an acidic environment OR because they have a magnesium or nutrient deficiency which leads to calcium malabsorption. Without magnesium, calcium is left to deposit anywhere. Unabsorbed calcium will lodge anywhere in the body in the form of stones, arterial lesions, or bone spurs.

Magnesium is necessary to convert vitamin D to its active form so that calcium absorption can occur. Magnesium also stimulates the hormone calcitonin which draws calcium out of the blood and soft tissues back into the bone. Of course, vitamin A, B, C, D and E are important also, but magnesium plays a vital role in the process.

Bone spurs are calcifications. Bone spurs are reversible if you eat well and take care of your calcium/magnesium deficiency. This is good news!

By sylvanpoint93551892, Jan 9 2017 05:14PM

Welcome to our website and our blog! At Sylvan Point Wellness our focus is you and your health. Whether you have pain or are looking to stay healthy and well we promise you quality care and concern. With a wide variety of services we are confident that we can help you in your journey to health and wellness.

My name is Marty Laurila and along with my wife Nikki we are the owners of Sylvan Point Wellness. We started our journey together in Chiropractic over 16 years ago. As a newly married couple we traveled to Davenport, Iowa where I received my Doctorate in Chiropractic and Nikki received a Clinical Chiropractic Assistant degree.

We moved back to the Upper Peninsula in 2004. After working in Menominee and Marquette we decided it would be better to work closer to home. We have been at our current location for over 8 years. We have treated patients with many different types of problems. We have been able to help patients with: Low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, sciatica, headaches, allergies, asthma, frequent sinus infections, children that have difficulty sleeping, nursing, and bed wetting. This is just a sampling of what we treat in our office. Many of our patients come in on a regular basis for health maintenance and prevention of disease. Whether you are looking for pain relief or you are looking to be proactive in maintaining a healthy body, we are here to guide you.

These patients take advantage of not only our Chiropractic services, the also recieve; massage, CranioSacral therapy, holisitc treatments, Reiki, Cold Laser Therapy, nutrition counseling, and treatment for Neuropathy.

We would be honored if you would come in and talk to us about your health issues or what we can do to keep you healthy. Give us a call anytime and schedule an appointment.

Future blog posts will be informative topics on nutrition, chiropractic, massage, craniosacral therapy along with many others. So, check back for information to help you get back on path to health and wellness.

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