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When you're searching for a natural and gentle way to heal your body, visit Sylvan Point Wellness today for your holistic therapy sessions. With a wide array of services offered, you can be rest assured we have the right therapies for your health and wellness needs.

 • Reiki

 • Gua-sha

 • Moxibustion

 • Herbal poultice

Gua sha is a healing technique associated with East Asian Medicine.  It incorporates a tool made of jade or buffalo to scrape the skin and soft tissues increasing blood flow to the area, removing adhesions, and assisting with lymph drainage.  Gua sha stimulates the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Natural care

Reducing inflammation

If you're considering a more gentle form of therapy to treat your body, you might have to consider Reiki, a light-touch therapy. There's also herbal poultice, which uses different herbs, that are soaked into a towel that assists in drawing out inflammation and swelling.

Gentle holistic therapy

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